Cold Chain monitoring

Nimble offers the world’s most advanced IOT solution for cold chain monitoring.  Nimble IOT solution comprises of smart IOT sensors and award winning cloud and mobile apps to monitor your entire cold chain in real time. The solution monitors temperature and location of your reefer trucks, cold rooms, restaurant freezers and medicine ILR freezer cabinets

Real time monitoring: 

Monitor Temperature and location in real time right on your smartphone.

Text & Email Alerts:

Enjoy peace of mind about your cold chain goods as the N5 immediately alerts you of any temperature or location excursions. It can send alerts to 5 email and 5 mobile numbers in real time.

Change to FSMA/FDA compliance.

With the Nimble solution, FSMA/FDA regulatory compliance is easy as location and temperature data can be stored upto 24 months. Excel and PDF reports are just a click away should you need to send the data to your team

Deploy in seconds

Use the optional “peel and stick” mounting bracket and attach the sensor to any surface horizontal or vertical and it is ready to go. You can even charge the device while the device is mounted on the bracket.

Long battery life:

Nimble N5 sensor features the industry’s longest battery life and can run for weeks with the internal re-chargeable battery. And with the low battery alerts, you know exactly when to re-charge the unit so you never run out of battery.

Mobile apps:

The IRIS mobile app can be downloaded from the Android Playstore or Apple app store for free. The app allows you to monitor the temperature in real time and to set alerts among other things.